The Freekeh Range 


The Freekeh Range

Greenwheat Freekeh™ currently has Wholegrain and Cracked Grain varieties available.

In 2016, Greenwheat Freekeh will release a  Freekeh & Quinoa blend which will feature a Finely Cracked Freekeh mixed with Tri-coloured Quinoa.

9322771000029 - WholegrainWholegrain Freekeh

Wholegrain Freekeh is nutritious whole grain kernels with a delicious nutty taste, a hint of smokiness and a unique texture.





Crac9322771000012 - Cracked 100dpiked Grain Freekeh

The Cracked Grain variety is whole grain kernels that have been splintered into smaller pieces to provide a faster cooking time leading to a different texture and taste in comparison to the Wholegrain.




For retail

  • 400 gram box Wholegrain Freekeh
  • 400 gram box Cracked Grain Freekeh

For food service / bulk sales

  • 20 kg bag Wholegrain Freekeh
  • 20 kg bag Cracked Grain Freekeh
  • 20 kg bag Finely Cracked Grain Freekeh
  • 20 kg bag Freekeh and Quinoa blend
All products are available for export. Contact us for more information.