Creating a Business From Freekeh

April 15, 2014

Greenwheat Freekeh founder Tony Lutfi was recently featured in a profile on, he highlighted some of the pitfalls facing businesses in Australia and how Greenwheat Freekeh was able to overcome them.

“I was down and out and considering whether I should bother keeping the business going and I looked at my emails and I had over 4000 emails from people wanting to buy freekeh. A lady had appeared on the Dr Oz Show in the US extolling the benefits of freekeh and since then everything turned around for us.”

“We are growing through production, branding and technology. We are growing production significantly and are experimenting with making freekeh from different grains. Freekeh to grain is like wine to grapes, you can make lots of freekeh from different varieties of grain and each will be different.”

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