Freekeh Soy Burgers

March 16, 2016 0 comments

Perfect idea for lunches and dinners.


20mls Peanut oil
20g Green onions, coarsely chopped
150g Soybeans, coarsely chopped
200g Freekeh (boiled until
tender and well-drained)
100g Cheddar cheese, grated
150g Toasted sunflower seeds, ground
(or other suitable nuts or seeds eg pine nuts)
50g Freekeh flour
2 each Eggs, beaten
5g Salt
15g Soy sauce
2g Basil, chopped



(Serves 8) 

  1. Cook the onions in the peanut oil until tender. Mix in all of the remaining ingredients.
  2. Shape the mixture into 8 patties and cook in a skillet or grill, until golden brown in colour.
  3. To serve, place the burger onto a hamburger bun and top with some salad. Garnish with some tomato slices, fresh chilli and a parmesan leaf. Alternatively use the burger as an accompaniment to any meat or fish dish.
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