The Freekeh Range 


The Freekeh Range

Greenwheat Freekeh™ currently has Wholegrain, Cracked Grain, Freekeh & Quinoa, Wholemeal Freekeh Flour and Wholemeal Puffed Freekeh varieties available.

Greenwheat Freekeh Wholegrain FrontWholegrain Freekeh

Wholegrain Freekeh is nutritious whole grain kernels with a delicious nutty taste, a hint of smokiness and a unique texture.


Greenwheat Freekeh Cracked Grain FrontCracked Grain Freekeh

The Cracked Grain variety is whole grain kernels that have been splintered into smaller pieces to provide a faster cooking time leading to a different texture and taste in comparison to the Wholegrain.


Cracked Freekeh and Quinoa FrontCracked Freekeh & Quinoa

We have teamed together our finely Cracked grain Freekeh, with the finest quality organic tri-coloured quinoa to create a highly nutritious super-food duo packing some serious health benefits.


Cracked Freekeh and Quinoa FrontWholemeal Freekeh Flour

Wholemeal Freekeh Flour has unique proprieties providing very high nutrition. It produces strong dough and absorbs some 20% more water than normal flour. It blends beautifully with other flours to improve elasticity and provide huge and favourable points of difference in taste, texture and nutritional values.


Cracked Freekeh and Quinoa FrontWholemeal Puffed Freekeh

With a pronounced strong taste and smokiness, Wholemeal Puffed Freekeh comes in smaller puffs blending itself well to other kinds of products and essentially to be coated with different ingredients.




For retail

  • 400 gram bag Wholegrain Freekeh
  • 400 gram bag Cracked Grain Freekeh
  • 400 gram bag Cracked Freekeh and Quinoa

For food service / bulk sales

  • 20 kg bag Wholegrain Freekeh
  • 20 kg bag Cracked Grain Freekeh
  • 20 kg bag Finely Cracked Grain Freekeh
  • 20 kg bag Cracked Freekeh and Quinoa
  • 5 kg and 25kg bag Wholemeal Freekeh Flour
  • 6 kg bag Wholemeal Puffed Freekeh
All products are available for export. Contact us for more information.